The best HostGator coupon code for February 2016

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To celebrate these excellent HostGator promo codes my friend Mark wrote this post all about finally get that website up and running.

How to save with the best Hostgator coupon code

By: Mark B

Many people have a great idea for an online business or want to start a personal website but worry about the cost. Fortunately, hosting coupons exist that can make this extremely affordable. If you have always wanted to start your own website but are worried about losing money, now is the time to make that dream a reality. With one great HostGator coupon code you can start that online business or person website for as little as a penny.

HostGator is one of the largest, most reliable hosting services online. Now, with these great HostGator coupon codes, it is also one of the cheapest. With the coupon codes above you can make huge savings. No matter which coupon you choose, you are sure to save plenty of money on your website.

Using these codes does not mean a person will have to sacrifice any quality or any of HostGator’s great service. You will still have UNLIMITED disc space, UNLIMITED bandwidth, and access to technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This hosting service is great for someone who knows exactly how to build a website or is just now getting started. No matter what your level of expertise, these HostGator coupon codes provide great value in building your new website.

For those who are familiar with building a website, HostGator also allows you to use your favorite application to build your website. Whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or any other popular web building application, these coupon codes will still allow you to install your favorite application and build your website or load your favorite templates.

For those just getting started, HostGator offers one click template installation with a choice from over 4,500 templates. Using one of these, a person needs no technical knowledge at all to build a professional website in a manner of minutes. Simple browse the template you want, plug in your content, and upload it to your website. It really is that easy. If you have wanted to learn how to build a website and start making money online, a solid HostGator coupon code offer the best chance to get your feet wet while spending as little as possible.

Whether you are moving an established website to a new hosting service or you’re a person who is building their first one from scratch, these HostGator coupon codes will allow you to save money while sacrificing nothing in terms of reliability, uptime, and technical support. So plug in your code and get started today!

New hostgator coupon code: October 2013

Update December 2015: The most valuable HostGator coupon below still works!

It´s finally here, so without further ado, let me present the HostGator coupon codes for October 2013.

The most valuable HostGator coupon code:

Get at least 25 % off from the entire order!

This coupon code is best suited for when you buy hosting packages upfront for 6 months, a year or longer. It works for any plan and will get you a huge discount. Take a look on these savings!

Hostgator coupon discount

This is the most valuable coupon code you could get at this month. If anyone claim anything else stay away as those codes could go against the HostGator coupon terms.

Click here to visit HostGator to use this coupon code

The lowest price for hosting ever (1 cent!):

If you order the baby package and use this coupon code you will get web hosting for the first month for only 1 cent!

This coupon code is really awesome since it let´s you have a free trial of HostGator and see how incredible HostGator really is.

Why use a HostGator coupon code?

Not only will you get a great discount with some of the best HostGator promo codes there is, you will also experience the benefits of one of the most reliable and trusted web hosts there is. We at new HostGator coupon code highly recommend hosting from HostGator but don´t take our word for it.

HostGator boasts of providing web hosting services to over 400,000 clients in 200 countries from it´s control centers in Houston and Austin, Texas which has over 12,000 servers and 750 employees. Now that’s a fact and though it is a mouthful, the services that they provide justify it.

As if that is not enough, customers get an unlimited supply of bandwidth, disk space and domains at a very reasonable rate. Customers can benefit from HostGator’s Control Panel which provides portals, blogs, forums and shopping carts. The Control Panel also offers tools like Raw Log Manager, AWStats, Webalizer and Error Logs. They also provide password protected directories along with Hotlink Protection and much more. The application hosting proudly presents more than 75 open source scripts and platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Wiki Hosting. along with Green Web Hosting. That´s not enough? With HostGator you get a green web-host powered by 100 % wind energy that has a solid 99.9 % up-time guarantee. If your site is down over  0.1% of the time in a month you get the payment from that month back.

So what are you waiting for, just press the coupon codes above and you could start taking advantage of the amazing discounts now.

First time using HostGator coupons?

Make sure to read this HostGator coupon code tutorial.

That´s it for now, hope you enjoyed the HostGator 1 cent coupon and the HostGator 25 off coupon.

Make sure to come over to this site whenever you need a new HostGator discount, as we will post every new HostGator coupon code for 2013 we will find.

We at new HostGator coupon code recommend hosting from HostGator to anyone interested in having a great and reliable web host for an affordable rate.

But what if it could be even cheaper, what if you could save hundreds of dollars for the most expensive hosting plans or get web hosting for as low as 0.99 cents?

The secret is called a new HostGator coupon code, with this quick 6 step tutorial you will be on your way to the saving on your hosting.

Step 1:

Visit the HostGator official page and press “View web hosting plans”

Hg Main page

Step 2: Choose plan and press “Order now”

HostGator plans

Step 3:

Enter all necessary information.

Enter all your informtion

Step 4:

When you find this field in the form, make sure to enter your coupon code! Make sure to stay on this site for the best and most recent HostGator coupon codes. In this week our favorite September 2013 coupon codes are going to be released, but for now, you could use the coupon code NewHostGatorCouponCode and you will get 25 % discount on any HostGator hosting purchase.

HostGator coupon

As you can see here, with the most expansive HostGator plan and the most recent Hostgator coupon code you can save as much as 116.55 usd! Read on to see how to find those amazing coupon codes.

HostGator discount

Hostgator discount proof

Step 5:

Agree to form

Theres only one step left. Complete the form by agreeing to the terms and press “create an account”.

Step 6:

Sucess kid

You have successfully bought hosting from HostgGator and used an awesome HostGator coupon code

What now?

So you got hosting, what now? The best way to create a simple website with HostGator is to use WordPress. Make sure to check out the WordPress installation tutorial here on the site.

WordPress is simply not for you? No worries, HostGator offers many more interesting platforms for your website. So make sure to check out the some of my favorite platforms supported by HostGator hosting.

How do I get those amazing coupon codes?

Ah, the question everyone keep asking. The answer will come in the next post so make sure to come back this week when we finally reveal the best HostGator coupon codes for September 2013.

At present, Hostgator supports three major blogging platforms and here we are going to see those platforms in detail and some excellent features that convince you to use those platforms for your next blog.

1. WordPress

Looking to start a blog or searching for a better hosting provider to host your existing blog then WordPress + Hostgator is the best solution for you. Both are award winning programs in their field and works awesome with each other. Installation and maintaining is very easy with advanced Hostgator control cPanel.

Read this tutorHow to install wordpress using fantastico?

wordpress blog logo png

2. LifeType

It is a open source user friendly blogging platform.with the support of multiple blog installation in a single step. Here are some of the features of lifeType,

Lets test drive LifeType,

Demo Main Page | Demo Admin Page

Admin Username: oscadmin

Admin Password: demo123

lifetype solutions logo png

- User Friendly Interface

- Integrated multimedia management under a single control panel.

- Easy customization of template.

- Mobile friendly ready application.

- Multi blogs in single installation.

- Create unlimited number of users for a blog.

- Template and data object caching makes this template minimal and loads faster in all browser which enhance your blog SEO performance.

3. b2evolution

b2evolution is free and open-source software (GPL), runs on any virtual web server featuring PHP + MySQL and is available in multilingual support for users.

Demo Site

b2evolution logo png

- You can even create 1000 blogs in a single installation.

- Multiple users and author for multi author blogs.

- Integrated Analytic that displays each and everything about your user activity in your blog.

- Advanced plugin framework.

- Effective Anti Spam measures.

- Availability of different variety of skins. (check this page)

Still not convince with the features then check this official page that highlight the features of this blog software.

WordPress is one the mostly used blogging platform on the web. All hosting providers support wordpress with easy one click installation. Hostgator supports some of the major blogging platform and wordpress is one among that list. If you want to install wordpress for your new domain just follow these simple steps.

Installing WordPress Using Fantastico

Fantastico is a well know control panel for installing apps and software for your blog. It has major blogging platforms, eCommerce solutions and wiki software’s to install it in your blog. It takes only a few seconds to complete the installation setup.

> Log in to your cPanel account.

> Go to “Software/Service” > Click “Fantastico De Luxe” option.

> At the right site select “WordPress” and Click “New installation” option.

> Select the domain name you have to install wordpress.

> Give the name of the directory in which you want to install wordpress (or) if you want to install it on your homepage then leave it blank.

screenshot of wordpress instaltion using fantastico

> Create a login password and user name with the basic information before installing wordpress.

> Click “Install WordPress” Button.

> MySQL database has been created now click “Finish Installtion” button to complete the setup process.

That’s it. You’ve successfully installed wordpress in your blog.

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